Welcome to our Archive of Community Outreach

Working with the Portola Urban Greening Committee and SITELAB Urban Studio, The Greenhouse Project (TGP) hosted a series of community workshops in 2015 to gather resident's desires and preferences for the future of greening in the neighborhood. We learned about the Portola's Garden District history, the places and activities that residents cherish, some aspects of the neighborhood that are ripe for change, and the upcoming opportunities with the most community support. Neighbors shared their thoughts on questionnaire postcards, available for viewing below, and their feedback ultimately formed the basis Portola Green Plan, downloadable here

After working with community volunteers to begin implementing potential projects identified in the Portola Green Plan, on Earth Day 2017, TGP, the PUG, and SITELAB hosted a community event to continue the conversation. This neighborhood engagement built upon the Portola Green Plan by inviting attendees to share more about their vision for the Garden District, including preferences for the expansion of Burrows Pocket Park and the activities and experiences most desired at 770 Woolsey Street. Over 150 community members learned more about the history, present, and future of the Portola, 75 of which filled out response cards expressing their priorities. Click here for more information about the Earth Day engagement and a summary of community feedback. 

Building off this momentum, in July 2017 TGP and PUG hosted a community block party to envision the future expansion of the Burrows Pocket Park, as part of our Community Challenge Grant for improving the Caltrans easement directly south of the existing pocket park's footprint. Gathering for a free lunch with live music and booths from local nonprofits and artists, Portola residents shared their desires for the use, activity, and types of landscaping and hardscaping they'd like to see in the future community green space. SITELAB helped document this feedback, summarized below.  


Portola Block Party



Portola Green Plan
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Earth Day
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