Design the Official Portola NEIGHBORHOOD Flag!

Enter for a chance to design the official flag of the Garden District

Contest Information

  • Designs should be simple and use meaningful symbolism. Learn more about the principles of flag design here. 
  • To submit a flag design, draw or digitally apply your design to the template below. Next, email a file of your design ( in PDF or jpeg format) to, or turn in a physical paper design at the Portola Branch Library, 380 Bacon St, San Francisco, CA 94134
  • Your images will be scanned and / or uploaded to the gallery below for community voting. If your design hasn't appeared within one week of submission, please email to troubleshoot this issue. 
  • The winning design of the Portola Flag Design Contest will be printed and displayed at the Burrows Pocket Park and around the neighborhood. Submissions will be judged based on their ability to capture the spirit, history, and vibrancy of the neighborhood.

ENTRIES DUE 12pm november 1 2017