Why We Care: Farm Worker Rights

Documentary 'food chains' sheds light on the injustice faced by farm workers in the united states.

As The Greenhouse Project continues to work towards its goal of reactivating 770 Woolsey, we have come to define why this project matters to our City, align ourselves with allies in the space of sustainable food production and urban ag, and see how the potential for urban food production in San Francisco exercises our values. We recently came across a video, titled 'Food Chains', that tactfully conveys the systematic injustice perpetrated against those who grow our food.  While many of us are aware of the environmental impact of our globalized food system, and the nutritional benefits of fresh and organic locally grown produce, the injustice faced by those who grow and pick our food is often hidden behind long supply chains. For any readers who are interested in learning more about the food system we engage with on a daily basis, we invite you to watch the film (streamable on Netflix!).