Mission Statement
Track Record

The Greenhouse Project, fiscally sponsored by San Francisco Parks Alliance, aims to develop 770 Woolsey Street, San Francisco’s last remaining block of historic agricultural greenhouses, into a thriving urban agricultural hub and a permanent city resource. We believe that by making commercial food production visible to urban residents, and by connecting neighbors across cultures and generations, urban agriculture can shape bigger picture knowledge around environmental and food system issues for generations to come.

The development of 770 Woolsey is part of our wider commitment, since 2013, to supporting the Portola District – a geographically isolated and historically under-resourced neighborhood – in their efforts to establish a strong community identity from the inside out.

Cities are potent incubator sites for change. While regenerative land practices on individual parcels of urban soil will not alone change the structural causes of food insecurity, or solve for our climate crisis, the power of urban farms to engender firsthand understanding of the perils and opportunities before us, and the potential of informed, engaged urban residents to collectively leverage change on a larger scale, cannot be understated.